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Edward Reid

We live in an Orwellian society where questioning certain events as they are written in the context of those who decide what is sacred can place in you as an outsider, a racist, an anti-Semite, a wretch. The carefully constructed martyrology of the holocaust has for decades been used as a bat to beat those who may view that SACRED event in a different context from what the chosen historians wrote.
What we are actually dealing with is a rewriting of history by holocaust revisionists in an attempt to blame Poland on many levels with a narrative that suits their agenda for whatever it may be at that time. This too has been going on for years and has halted free speech by instilling fear in historians with intellectual terrorism. The word “antisemitism” strikes fear in most people.
The thought of being labeled that word has destroyed generations from open questioning about the objective seeking; it has let criminals and crimes go unpunished in the name of political correctness. We are living in a world of an unrelenting witch-hunt, intent on striking down those who do not stand in line with the narrative written in the name of a prejudice that all too often now doesn’t exist.
The religion of the holocaust, six million ironically elevates one people over other people which placing those not of the Jewish race inferior. This can be compared to the Aryan theory which we as a society are supposed to abhor. No one questions this though. The battle cry, the motto, “6 million”, what of the other 5 million. If one truly looks at this humanely, genuinely, and in all honesty, they cannot excuse this exceptional regard for placing certain people of more value over other people.
What has come of this has been the utter manipulation of society, the marketing of pity, the monopolizing of suffering to gain an almost unquestionable place where no one is able to confront these that were so victimized. How can you, right? Does this justify now, the victim becoming the victimizer because they for so long were the victim. Society somehow owes to them. They get a pass.
I don’t think so. The victim has taken advantage of their role in many different ways, one we are looking at is unfairly placing blame for Nazi German crimes on Poles. One, to shift the blame from their own dark past collaborating with the Nazis in many different levels. Genuinely aiding the Nazis in the decimation of their own people, which they refuse to admit guilt amongst their complex of perfection.
Two, now with s447 to take unjust monies and properties for suit their agendas, whatever they may be at the time. Extortion basically after billions have been paid and now onto the next victim. A hunt for more…

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